Cannabis does not need a step forward, it needs a quantum leap. For the necessary monumental shift in mainstream Cannabis research to occur, there is one crucial piece of the puzzle that must exist first: a baseline of Quality Assured Cannabis in a reportable agricultural paradigm. Without consistent and standardized measures of quality, no quantified studies can be validated, and no educated conclusions drawn. Without the development of standard operating procedures, there is no set bar from which to improve production methods. It is at this crux that Tantalus Labs draws its inspiration and purpose.

As the groundswell gains momentum, and speaker after influential speaker reviews the facts, shifting their opinions about Cannabis, it is clear that the times are now forever changing. We are living in a period whereby a plant surrounded by extreme controversy is ultimately finding an equal chance to be studied like any any other. Much progress has occurred thus far, but for Cannabis to be observed in a formal light, more ground has to be covered. This need for advancements in cultivation, and it’s impact on the greater picture has helped forge the vision for Tantalus Labs.

"A system tailored not to how Cannabis was cultivated five years ago, but how we believe Cannabis will be cultivated five years from now."

Tantalus Labs is constructing North America’s first Cannabis-designed, closed-system greenhouse. A system tailored not to how Cannabis was cultivated five years ago, but how we believe Cannabis will be cultivated five years from now. It has been a long road to design and build a cultivation environment from the ground up, but it is our belief that this jump in methodology is an example of the developments necessary to legitimize the industry. Not to do things because it's the way that they've always been done, but to explore the boundaries of how best it can be done. Our decisions, from the cultivation infrastructure, to our online sales platform, stem from this core belief that the current paradigm isn’t always the best one, and a scientific method of decision making along with reasoning from first principles is the route towards pushing technologies forward.

We're excited to enable the Cannabis plant to photosynthesize full spectrum sunlight, while maintaining complete control of all environmental parameters; allowing the plant to stretch the legs of its genetic parentage, and without stunting, grow to its full genetic potential. As we continue to share the young story of our facilities and plants, we hope that those who care as much as we do take the time to follow along. We will always take the chance to share our developments and milestones in both text and visual mediums. We hope you take pride, as we do, in the construction of this world class facility right here in British Columbia.

To leverage the cumulative knowledge of agricultural science from established industries such as silviculture, horticulture, and plant biology, and apply it to this nascent space, is a task that we at Tantalus Labs don't take lightly. It is the results of this attention to detail that we hope patients, physicians, and researchers will come to count on. This challenge and opportunity is at the heart of why we are doing what we are doing. It is both our mission and our purpose to advance the frontier of Cannabis.