If you were introduced to someone with the name of Sarah, or, say, Jessica, would it drastically affect your impression of her? If you discovered a company called Blue Ribbon Sports, rather than its current name, Nike, would it change your mind about their shoes? How about Cadabra, now known as Amazon?

A name starts as simply a name. Over time and through many interactions, values are ascribed to the name. It begins to radiate meaning. You may not know what a googol is, but you’ve likely Googled many times this week. One company and their search engine have come to represent something far more than a bunch of zeroes and ones.

When Tantalus Labs began as a company, a name was chosen that reflected our core beliefs, and act as a starting point to explain what we do. “Tantalus Labs” exists for a few reasons.

On the list of iconic natural landmarks nearby, Tantalus towers high.

First and foremost, Tantalus is a mountain range in Southern British Columbia, close to the company’s headquarters. It’s seated where Howe Sound meets Squamish, along the west side of the Sea to Sky Highway connecting Vancouver and Whistler. The mountain range features tall peaks surrounded by year long snowfields, and on a clear day, it’s visible from Vancouver. On the list of iconic natural landmarks nearby, Tantalus towers high. In this regard, our name is a tribute to our surroundings.

The name Tantalus originally occurs in Greek mythology. As the story goes, a God named Tantalus was punished by standing in a pool of water that he could never drink, under a fruit tree whose branches were just beyond reach. This is the basis for the English verb, “tantalize”.

Cannabis has been traditionally held under a tantalizing light. It’s a plant laden with mystery and history that, for many years, has been hovering on the edge of legality. The branch is now beginning to lower and cannabis is drifting away from its stigma in modern culture.

Tantalus Labs feels a responsibility that as adult use legalization approaches, our cultivation and cultural practices must honour a sustainable future for BC and the world. We must operate to lower the environmental impact of cannabis production, and provide the highest quality products to users.

From the history of the word and the history of the plant, to the British Columbian landscape we call home, “Tantalus” will come to represent all that we do. Our surrounding mountain peaks have been formed from the elements, and those same elements of water, wind, and sun will fuel the growth of Tantalus Labs cannabis.