Tantalus Labs is uniquely positioned in it’s ability to build a community around the future of legal Cannabis cultivation. We are obligated to deliver our complete offering digitally; spreading the news of our upcoming launch through word of mouth, as opposed to antiquated billboard, radio, or TV white noise. This unique challenge necessitates a new take on outreach. We believe that this is an opportunity for us to focus on what matters most, creating a product and service that truly delights. We are relying on our members to share the story of North America’s first purpose-built Cannabis Greenhouse in a way that resonates for you individually. We are constantly reaching out to talented friends for advice, and look to share their wise words on this Populace and across our digital media.

Donné Torr is a highly specialized Content Marketer, incredible musician, and network visionary. She has contributed some crucial insights to help guide the way we tell our story. Perhaps they help educate the way you tell yours.

Social media has transformed the way companies and individuals market themselves. From multiple social networks, social media campaigns, contesting and pop up ads, it can be difficult as a brand, and more specifically a marketer, to decide where to focus your attention and money. As we pivot away from traditional marketing models, it’s imperative for brands to understand what are increasingly becoming essential parts of successful storytelling.

3 Golden Rules

Our digital media landscape is choc-a-bloc filled with increasing amounts of marketing jargon and noise. The emerging Cannabis industry is particularly rife with enthusiasm, excitement, and big talk. Companies can struggle to find ways to cut through this mess and reach their audience effectively. In order for a brand to make a mark, consider the following 3 rules when creating your marketing strategy:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Be authentic
  3. Remain humble

Know Your Audience

In order to foster a loyal and growing following, as a brand, you need to fully understand and respect your audience. Assume they are smarter than you, assume they have a better grasp of the industry you are in, and assume your audience already knows what they want and need. If you understand that your audience is connected and resourceful, then by default your brand is held accountable to produce top quality content.

Be Authentic

Authenticity and audience-focused content have become the gold standard in good marketing. Flip traditional marketing on it’s head and produce content that tells the truth and resonates with your audience in way that they aren’t used to. In the past consumers were used to being sold products and told stories that weren’t always above board. This can no longer be the status quo. Market something that you actually believe in.

Remain Humble

In the saturated world of brand awareness, projecting humility is a rare but powerful thing. Traditionally the brand + consumers relationship is one based on consumers seeing a brand as a hero, solving the issues of their customers problems. While this has worked for many, this model is being thrown on it’s head by some of the world’s leading brands.

Instead of the brand being a hero, consumers are being empowered to be their own heros, while brands step back to be mentors. This model is a shift away from pushy, brand centric marketing and into a more consumer engaging model. With this consumer engaging, experienced based marketing, your audience will actively choose to engage with your company. Which in turn creates invaluable relationships.