Tantalus Labs Has Received A Licence to Cultivate Cannabis in Canada

We’re here. At last. It is the 45th awarded under the ACMPR (“Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations”) regulations, and the 10th in British Columbia.

We are beyond stoked, and judging by the reaction on Twitter, we have a few friends who are just as excited as we are.

What does this mean?

We are now legally allowed to cultivate cannabis at our SunLab facility. In June, SunLab will receive a genetic bank that we have been thrilled by for years. These seeds and clones will come to represent the backbone of our genetic development strategy, and each strain has been selected to represent BC Bud with respect and humility.

Our storage ponds are full of rainwater, the sun is high in the sky, and British Columbia is experiencing a balmy spring. SunLab is raring to go.

When can I buy the first Tantalus Labs cannabis products?

Cultivation in SunLab will start imminently, and our initial crops require close inspection by our Quality Assurance staff. After our first batches successfully pass an exhaustive run of tests proving their purity, we will apply for our sales approval to offer products to the public. This has traditionally been a lengthy process, often taking upwards of 8-12 months.

Big Ups Team #Sungrown

We’d like to express our appreciation to all of the early supporters of Tantalus Labs. If you’re reading these words, that’s you. Your support of Tantalus and the #Sungrown mission has helped us drive through important challenges. Your support truly means the world.