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What are Cannabinoids?


As with anything, and especially with cannabis, there is more than meets the eye. Relatively simple at first glance, the cannabis plant grows from seed, stretches through a vegetative phase, and begins to flower. Under the watch of an experienced grower, the flowers are harvested, dried, and cured, before becoming ready to consume. This process increases in complexity the deeper

Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant

Cannabis. Bud. Sensimillia. It goes by many names but what actually makes up a cannabis plant? While the distinctive fan leaves have become the iconic symbol of cannabis, it’s the female flower buds that are harvested for their cannabinoid-rich content. Here, we take a look at the anatomy of a cannabis plant beyond buds and leaves and explain why

Indica vs Sativa, Does it Matter?

How can you predict the quality and effect of a strain of cannabis? For a start, asking “indica or sativa?” is categorically the wrong question. In truth, these categories mean less and less in a market where virtually all strains have been hybridized for decades.

Medical marijuana users, and anyone who has stepped into a dispensary recently, might be familiar

What Are Terpenes?


Shakespeare was right when he wrote ‘That which we call a rose. By any other word would smell as sweet’... and it’s all thanks to terpenes. Terpenes are the basic chemical components of the fragrant oils that give plants, herbs, leaves and flowers their unique aromas. Their purpose is to repel or attract certain insects to help the plant

Introducing SunLab Nano


Canadian cannabis cultivation is making a quantum leap. Thousands of Canadians are legally registered to cultivate medical cannabis today, and tens of thousands more might receive that right upon adult use legalization. The perception around neighborhood pot plants is shifting from guard dogs to gardening, and stealth is giving way to pride.

The laws are not the only thing changing

Introducing Tantalus Labs Apparel


Tantalus Labs was founded to build a brighter future for cannabis by transitioning its cultivation out of the shadows and into specialized greenhouses, fueling plant growth with natural, full-spectrum sunlight.

It’s been exceptionally exciting to watch SunLab shift from a construction project to a cultivation facility, containing thriving plants ready to show the world how Sungrown cannabis can be

What's in a Name?


If you were introduced to someone with the name of Sarah, or, say, Jessica, would it drastically affect your impression of her? If you discovered a company called Blue Ribbon Sports, rather than its current name, Nike, would it change your mind about their shoes? How about Cadabra, now known as Amazon?

A name starts as simply a name. Over

SunLab Gets Fresh Paint


At Tantalus Labs, we don’t take design lightly.

We believe that neglecting the details of visual expression would fail to honour the plants we grow and the people we serve. Our mission to usher this plant into a brighter future is core to our philosophy, and it’s this value system that we draw from to guide our decisions.

Changing Seasons


When you’re standing in the World’s most advanced greenhouse for the cultivation of cannabis, you’re left particularly aware of the environment. The Sun’s diurnal cycle, with its natural rhythm on fauna, is as clear as night and day. The opaque polypropylene walls, embracing the elected interior climate, scatter the changing colours of the surrounding trees. When

A Glimpse of More to Come

Tantalus Labs is stoked to be cruising through construction of our unprecedented cannabis-tailored greenhouse. We are working to hone the details of our operations in the service of a bright future for British Columbian cannabis.

Our 24 foot ceilings allow unprecedented airflow to nurture tall, thriving plants.

Stainless steel structure enables a durable skeleton to stand for decades.

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