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The Untold History of BC Cannabis

“BC Bud” is a term synonymous with world-class flower, but how did this term come to be? Search the etymology of the word “bud” and cannabis is nowhere to be seen. Additionally, referencing a full grown flower as a bud is horticulturally inaccurate. Cannabis has deep roots in Canada, and it’s fair to say they are deepest in British

Top 9 Smokin’ Beautiful Spots of Vancouver

Vancouver is an incredibly beautiful city with a strong West Coast vibe.

While real estate prices may surge sky-high, the city is also full of parks and public places that won’t cost you a dime to visit. If you know the right spots, you can find your own free slice of paradise.

The mountain framed skyline attracts people from

High in Howe Sound

The Approach

It isn’t easy to get there, but it’s well worth the effort. Watching the sun set and then rise, from the top of an island peak, bookends the type of rejuvenating sleep money can’t buy.

After a boat ride across the sound and a 2+ hour hike, straight up, the reward is a flat platform on which

Team Sungrown


SunLab Sneak Peek

In late July, Tantalus Labs held an event to bring together friends, family, and close supporters. On offer was an advanced screening a short film that we created to launch SunLab. It’s the first time that we have unveiled so much of this unprecedented piece of technology.

It was a night filled with enthusiasm for the future of #Sungrown

Love for The Juice Truck


With a history of gaming and film production, Vancouver can be called a creative city. Recently founded microbreweries and food trucks join video and social agencies showcasing a list of unique Vancouver creators that continues to lengthen. Tantalus Labs can’t help but find inspiration in watching these companies form around us, and one of our favourite local businesses is

Our Backyard Matters

As Tantalus Labs grows as a company, it becomes increasingly important to define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our strategy. As new people with new skill sets join the team, they consciously and subconsciously look to others for guidance on the choices they make - choices which define the company. Values emphasised from

33 Acres of Brand Perfection

33 Acres Brewery

I love 33 Acres Brewing Co.

I am evangelical about them. When people ask me where in Vancouver to grab a good beer or meet for a first date, 33 Acres always tops my list. Sometimes I proffer this advice unsolicited. Aside from the revenue associated with more than a few growlers and meals, I have never contributed in any