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Liquor Boards Take Note: Race to the Bottom Will Crush Craft Cannabis Growers

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Liquor distribution boards across Canada have been tasked with a lofty mandate when it comes to cannabis—capture market share from one of the most entrenched unregulated cannabis markets on the planet, and do it fast. Their collective first instinct follows understandable logic: buy cannabis for a low wholesale price, and

A Case For Independent Ecommerce


On October 24th 2017, Tantalus Labs submitted the following document to the Provincial Cannabis Secretariat. We are proud that our Provincial Government has taken the time to receive submissions and hear from voters and taxpayers. We believe our legislators have been presented with the information that they need to build policy reflective of our province’s culture and aspirations, thanks

Tantalus Labs Obtains Cultivation Licence


Tantalus Labs Has Received A Licence to Cultivate Cannabis in Canada

We’re here. At last. It is the 45th awarded under the ACMPR (“Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations”) regulations, and the 10th in British Columbia.

We are beyond stoked, and judging by the reaction on Twitter, we have a few friends who are just as excited as

Into The Light


Tantalus Labs was founded to advance frontiers. On our team, we share a vision to build a brighter future for cannabis through #Sungrown technology. The recent completion of SunLab, a new generation of purpose-built cannabis greenhouse, was a milestone many called impossible.

We believed that if we shared our vision transparently and passionately, that we would be joined by other

So you Want to Work in the Cannabis Industry?


The cannabis industry is poised for explosive growth. It is currently one of the fastest growing sectors in North America, and it’s thirsty for talented entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to help build the future.

Facing the choice to pursue a job in cannabis, a good place to start is to ask yourself the question, “Why do I want to work

How Robots Run our Cannabis Company


A small army of robots work twenty-four hours a day at Tantalus Labs. They talk to each other, and to us. They have drastically shaped our enterprise.

It started from humble beginnings, to see if Slack, a digital team collaboration tool, could work with us. It did. But then we tested how far we could push Slack to work for

Branding Will Carry Cannabis Out of the Black Market and Into the Light


The following article was originally published on Lift

If a prime directive of the Canadian government is to divert profits from the cannabis black market through legalization, then branding is the critical tool to persuade customers to buy legal cannabis.

Marketing and branding are about values. Companies with effective marketing define a unique lens through which the company views the

Cannabis Grow-Ops use More Electricity than the Mining Industry in Canada

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The thought of marijuana cultivation brings to mind images of the a “Back to the Land” Movement, and perhaps of a philosophy that eschews waste and aims for practices that are more in tune with the environment.

But the marijuana business has a dirty secret: it is likely that illicit marijuana

Tantalus Labs Receives British Columbia's First Water Licence for Cannabis

Water License

Tantalus Labs announces today that it has received the first Water License issued to a cannabis company in British Columbia. Furnished under the Water Sustainability Act (WSA), the license showcases Tantalus Labs' commitment to effective groundwater resource management and sustainably produced cannabis.

Tantalus Labs utilizes specialized sungrown cultivation technology, natural odour filtration, and an innovative rainwater collection and filtration system.

eCommerce can Age-Restrict Cannabis Access Better than Storefronts


Myth: retail storefronts are the best way to age-restrict access to cannabis

Counterintuitively, eCommerce can verify identities through software with fewer errors than humans working at a storefront. Mail-order cannabis currently utilized by the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) can leverage proven software to better verify identities and ages than the protocols in physical storefronts such as liquor stores.

Force of Nature: #Sungrown


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Such is Sutton’s enthusiasm for au naturel ‘Sungrown’ cannabis – which is cultivated in, and nourished by, British Columbia’s best and brightest sunbeams, that, Tantalus are currently constructing a state-of-the-art outdoor cultivation facility in the evocatively named Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Once they get the governmental go-ahead, Tantalus will be free

Academics Endorse Legalization, but Leave Out Private Sector


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Attending the 2016 Cannabis Science and Policy Summit as a delegate was an intellectual validation of the immediate need for legalization and regulation of cannabis in North America.

This sentiment was universal among attendees.

The social costs articulated by both the Liberal government’s platform for legalization and the United States’

Representing at CSPS


I was stoked to represent Tantalus Labs at the Cannabis Science and Policy Summit at NYU, hosted by Mark A. R. Kleiman and Jonathan P. Caulkins over the weekend of April 17th - 19th, 2016. The conference delegates threw significant academic weight behind regulating cannabis, with tools like sophisticated usage models, rich statistics, and cautionary insight on the bumpy road

Greener Weed for a Greener City


Vancouver is pushing to become the world’s greenest city, and cannabis consumers have an integral role to help the city achieve its goal. Greenhouse grown cannabis is poised to make a significant impact on electricity demands, but the rate of greenhouse adoption will rely on the decisions of customers. The unspoken environmental impact of cannabis production will surprise you.

Back Into The Light

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Sun-Grown Game Changing at Tantalus Labs

Making the trek through the winding Canadian backroads to Tantalus Labs leaves one feeling as if they are on the cusp of a unique experience. Upon arriving at the sprawling 120,000-square-foot facility of greenhouse revolution, there is an