At Tantalus Labs, we don’t take design lightly.

We believe that neglecting the details of visual expression would fail to honour the plants we grow and the people we serve. Our mission to usher this plant into a brighter future is core to our philosophy, and it’s this value system that we draw from to guide our decisions. From the spacing of plants in growing bays, to the post-processing of our photography, all of our design choices matter.

We’re proud to have brought our facility into the world. It’s the first of its kind, and we aspire to advance the adoption of environmentally sustainable cannabis production across this growing industry. We have held the facility to high standards, insisting that the space itself should elevate everything we do within.

It was important to us to stamp the building with an icon that encapsulates this ethos. To typify our mission, we emphasized honesty, clarity, and aesthetic beauty. We exist at the intersection of natural purity and technological innovation. To us, SunLab represents the ideal of a brighter future that draws on the principle of balance. When someone invests in cannabis products grown from SunLab, they are investing in this future.

With these intentions in mind, our good friends and Vancouver-based muralists @BrotherJopa and @DavidFairbairn were our first choice to do the honours of our final signature. Armed with graphics, a projector, and a skyjack, they got to work.

With hearts brimming with excitement for the future of cannabis, they worked tirelessly to pull this off. Perfection is an understatement; they used laser levels and meticulous measurement to hand paint each detail with precision and care.

We’re humbled by the quality of their work, and the facility wears its name with pride.

That’s the way it’s done at SunLab.