Leading modern Greenhouses use similar technology to Tantalus Labs

Growing Marijuana is not simple. Growers are faced with managing a multitude of factors to ensure the growth of their crops into healthy mature plants, reflected by the final quality of the buds. This article concludes our series on cultivating high-quality Cannabis. It offers some of the solutions Tantalus Labs is implementing to ensure an environment supporting the plant’s ability to flourish.

We at Tantalus Labs aspire to grow the best-nurtured plants possible. It is a core principle of the company. While designing our Standardized Operating Procedure, our team of Ph.D. Biologists, Pharmacologists, Engineers, and Designers realized that to meet our goals, we would need a purpose-built Greenhouse facility. Adopting existing infrastructure was not an option for us.

aspire to grow the best nurtured plants possible

Cannabis production to the standard of major agricultural food crops has never been attempted in the greenhouse industry. We hope to realize our dream: to see #Sungrown Cannabis spread throughout a new community of legal, commercial cultivators. At Tantalus Labs, we believe that Cannabis grown under the power of natural sunlight is the future of legal cultivation. Our team has taken a two year road in rethinking how Cannabis should be grown and distributed to patients. We took the time to optimize every element of our infrastructure, completely tailoring it to the plant. We use the cutting edge of Greenhouse technology and adapt it to grow the best Cannabis possible. The following demonstrates how we can use that technology to mitigate common crop risks.


Humidity can be one of the greatest challenges when growing Cannabis. Too much humidity, and a grower invites molds and disease. Too little and the plant can suffer. One major challenge we faced when designing a closed-system greenhouse is how to minimize humidity risk. Conventional greenhouses have the ability to vent all the heat and humidity through roof top openings thus maintaining a more stable environment. This is not the case when growing Cannabis, due to strict regulations on odor control and security.

We have implemented a natural and pioneering approach to odor filtration. Our aim was to exceed the airflow found in modern greenhouse technology, while meeting the odor control set by federal standards. We have been able to accomplish this through unprecedented air filtration chambers and modelling facility airflows.


Light is one of the most exciting advantages of a greenhouse. Artificial lighting pales in comparison to the power of the Sun. Using natural light allows Cannabis to grow as it has for thousands of years. The intensity and full spectrum of sunlight enables a rich expression of Terpenes and Cannabinoids to fully mature in each of our strains. Intense light from the sun evenly penetrates through the plant canopy, allowing the entire plant to fully develop. This is not possible with indoor grow lights alone.

Plant spacing is also a consideration for plants to receive optimal light. We have knowingly sacrificed productivity for an arrangement that maximizes the light each plant receives.


Air quality is one of the first things to suffer in an indoor environment. Sealed indoor rooms can promote bad air quality. Without cycling in fresh air, pollutants such as byproducts from Co2 enrichment, mould, and gases from transpiring plants can create a hostile environment to plant health. The solution for our greenhouse is high capacity filtration technology which allows us to complete a full air exchange faster than any other closed system in history. Sophisticated computer modeling was used not only in the design of the ventilation system but also in the use of HAF fans strategically placed throughout the Greenhouse. This ensures that even when there is not an exhaust cycle running, there is the right amount of air circulating around the plants, keeping microclimates that might invite disease from forming.


Climate is one of the main predictors of the health of a crop. If all the factors that makeup a proper climate are not in place, plants will suffer. For Tantalus Labs, operations protocols have been meticulously developed to provide a compass for all growing decisions.

Instead of trying to replicate nature, we make nature an essential part of our growing environment

We built our systems to meet the needs of these procedures, not the other way around. We worked with industry leaders to design the first purpose-built greenhouse facility for Cannabis. After many long months of design work along with hundreds of revisions, we feel that we have a facility in development that will consistently produce world class Cannabis.

Tantalus Labs designed systems that will provide a plant with optimal growing conditions. By using a greenhouse, we believe that we enable the best of everything. We have the power of innovative design that ensures proper airflow and venting capabilities. Instead of trying to replicate nature, we make nature an essential part of our growing environment. The hard work has begun to reinvent the way an industry can grow, from the ground up. This is one way that Tantalus Labs is advancing the frontier of Cannabis.