Tantalus Labs

We stand at the edge of the single greatest societal shift of this decade. For the first time in 90 years, the opportunity has been presented to explore a new frontier of plant science, laying the foundation for safe and consistent cultivation of one of the most impactful flowering plants in history; one that bridges culture and geography. The legitimization of this field of study represents a moment that will have dramatic implications on scientific research, medicine, and agriculture.

Cannabis is loved, hated, celebrated, and attacked. Many rally to support its normalization in the name of individual sovereignty, freedom, and compassion. Others blame it for social destruction, addiction, and abuse. This polarized debate has raged for close to a century, and both sides can be accused of misrepresenting information and lack of scientific evidence.

Only through measured scientific process will we be able to qualify our understanding of this species and its interactions with the human body, educating our decisions as a society as to the future of this plant.

For me, personally, it was time to stand and be counted. I have long believed that the growing body of evidence alluding to the powerful therapeutic potential Cannabis exhibits warrants scientific analysis that only collaboration between public, private, and academic sectors can offer. To stand on the sidelines, at this critical moment, is a missed opportunity to contribute to societal progression that will shape the way we learn and think.

My team and I founded Tantalus Labs because we want to be a voice in this next great frontier of agricultural science. We believe that this debate will define our generation. To be one of the few firms to have achieved Federal approval of our licensing application with Health Canada enables the rare privilege to explore a wide-open landscape of scientific discovery.

We believe that through diligent study at purpose-build research Greenhouses such as ours, scientists and researchers can begin to unlock the potential of a species that may have much to contribute to medical and agricultural science. If you believe, as we do, that now is the time to challenge the prejudices that have obstructed scientific research around Cannabis, then this is your opportunity to speak up. Initiate conversation, seek healthy debate, and take advantage of the new research developing around this exciting field of study. With your help, we can advance this new frontier of Cannabis, and bring the true potential of a compelling species out of the shadows and into the light.