With a history of gaming and film production, Vancouver can be called a creative city. Recently founded microbreweries and food trucks join video and social agencies showcasing a list of unique Vancouver creators that continues to lengthen. Tantalus Labs can’t help but find inspiration in watching these companies form around us, and one of our favourite local businesses is The Juice Truck.

The reasons why we enjoy watching this company grow are multifaceted, starting with its organic formation. Rather than a white-boarded idea from an ivory tower, thriving companies are founded on the experiences and world-views of the founders, allowing them to see a unique opportunities overlooked by others. The Juice Truck’s story is exemplary.

they drive towards an end result, to make people healthier

As the two founders traveled through Nepal and India, they stumbled upon unique berries rich in nutrients, consumed by locals in the form of juices. With this experience in their minds, they found serendipitous enthusiasm for a company focused on superfoods, specifically natural juices. It was a company they believed the health conscious residents of their hometown, Vancouver, would love. It turns out they were right.

The beginning successes of The Juice Truck might be due to a unique perspective and a well timed entry into the marketplace. Continued success, however, is never a lucky break. Ongoing product decisions and an overarching brand should be lead by a driving mission, and The Juice Truck has a firm grip on theirs. Beyond a tasty health product, they drive towards an end result, to make people healthier. They aim to do this through “the most nutritionally complete juice possible”. This idea of a mission-driven company is familiar to Tantalus Labs, as our core aspiration is to advance the frontier of cannabis through a sungrown production methodology.

With a strong mission and founding story behind The Juice Truck, it’s no wonder a strong community has grown around them to play a central role. Whether through collaborating with local companies for banana print shoes, or instigating weekend hikes, the bonds between like-minded healthy Vancouverites resonate with the organic juices. Their following has grown outwards from two into a group of loyal customers, employees, and friends, all keeping the good vibes going.

We’re huge fans of The Juice Truck. We think they’re doing things right, and for the right reasons. It would be a momentous day if our two brands were able to work together.