On every trip there is a singular moment where one finally feels like they’ve broken away from day-to-day life, and the trip has decisively started. It may be when you turn off your phone, or the action of the sails filling as the engine cuts. Or perhaps when thoughts of the future and past are replaced by an appreciation of the present. It is this moment of breaking from normalcy and releasing from stress - getting back to feeling human - that keeps us striving for the next moment. On this particular trip, that instant occurred with the passing of the final traffic light and a shift into 5th gear, leaving nothing but 574km of winding road ahead lined with breathtaking British Columbian scenery.

Slipping into 5th Gear

The Lillooet Loop

The “Lillooet loop” is a classic Pacific Northwest road trip: from Vancouver to Lillooet and back, passing through Whistler and Hope along the way. The route is best done in the summer months, as winter hits this region hard. While car traffic sometimes crowds Highway 99, from Vancouver to Whistler, the remainder of the circuit is barren. The single lane roads wind through various terrain, from Pacific Northwest Marine, Coastal Mountain, to Interior Plateau. It’s a testament to the vast array of micro-climates within British Columbia.


If you are willing to take a risk on a dirt side-path, unbound treasures can be found. All along the route are testaments to human ingenuity for travel - both old and new.

Old Train

New Train

Late September is a particularly pleasant time to travel this road, as the changing seasons make for crisp air and soft hues.

Single Lane

When distractions are left for simple tires tracking pavement, one's mind meanders along with the road.

Miles of Road Before We Sleep

Reprieve is all around us. If tracing windy mountain roads atop a faithful motorcycle is one of your choice locations to take a deep breath, the Lillooet loop is the perfect place to find it.