Tantalus Labs was founded to build a brighter future for cannabis by transitioning its cultivation out of the shadows and into specialized greenhouses, fueling plant growth with natural, full-spectrum sunlight.

It’s been exceptionally exciting to watch SunLab shift from a construction project to a cultivation facility, containing thriving plants ready to show the world how Sungrown cannabis can be done. But we’re not the only ones watching with bated breath; we’ve been lucky enough to have proponents following and supporting the cause since the very early days.

We believe in the quality and sustainability of Sungrown cannabis, and are always stoked to see others also understanding the cause.

To further advocate Sungrown as we lead up to our own cannabis sales, we’ve launched a limited line of apparel complementing the transition. The apparel reflects our brand aesthetic and the facility that cultivates our plants it is elemental in nature and has an eye on design.

Cannabis is part of our culture in BC, in the same way that music and food are elements of what make a community unique. Tantalus members thrive on spurring technological progress in the agricultural sector, among others, and we personally find it refreshing to recharge our batteries by exploring the outdoors. This is how we live our lives on the West Coast of Canada, and we hope that our limited release of apparel can befit the way you live yours.

To check out the goods, click through to TantalusLabs.com.