Canadian cannabis cultivation is making a quantum leap. Thousands of Canadians are legally registered to cultivate medical cannabis today, and tens of thousands more might receive that right upon adult use legalization. The perception around neighborhood pot plants is shifting from guard dogs to gardening, and stealth is giving way to pride.

The laws are not the only thing changing about home growing. The crumbling of stealth prerogatives is opening up communities to talk about cultivation strategies from nutrients to genetics, and infrastructure design is likely one of the most exciting aspects of innovation.

At Tantalus Labs, we think light quality is integral to plant health. Whether you are growing with 100 square feet, or 100,000, sunlight is the best quality input to give your plants, and growers from California to Quebec are proving it. Combine this with a substantial reduction in electricity cost, and the alignment of plant health and economics is undeniable.

If you grow indoors today, you have fostered an agricultural skillset of precision and diligence. We believe this skillset can deliver unprecedented results in a Sungrown environment, so we recruited some of the best minds in BC cannabis agriculture and greenhouse design to share their insights on how to shift from indoor to Sungrown.

The following document is by no means a highly detailed schematic, but rather a tool kit to get you thinking about how to deliver the best quality growth inputs to your plants, and give them every natural opportunity to thrive.

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