Introducing Pacific OG

Inspired by our surroundings in beautiful British Columbia, Pacific OG  is the latest Sungrown cultivar to come out of SunLab. This super-unique, supernatural BC bud is packed with up to 20% THC, and offers the most complex terpene profile of all of our strains, with notes of sweet berries and Kush undertones.

What is Pacific OG?

Pacific OG is a variant of Goji OG, which is named after the bright red sour Himalayan berries of the same name. Goji OG grows like a typical OG with conical shaped flowers, densely covered with trichomes. "One plant of a seed we popped stood out in the same way that something in the crowd can catch your eye,” remembers Tantalus Labs’ Master Grower Donny Lungal. ”Something about this one plant had it shining a bit brighter than all the others, the trichomes were way more noticeable. We cloned it right away and grew it out again, and luckily it retained all the same traits.” The kush style flowers are cured low and slow to form the perfectly dense and nicely frosted nugs.

Lineage of Pacific OG

This special sativa-dominant hybrid comes from a mother plant of Nepali OG aka Nepali Kush, an OG Kush from Grass Valley that is closest in appearance to Tahoe OG. This was crossed with the same Snow Lotus that has made our Blue Dream variant a Tantalus favourite.

Taste and Aroma

Pacific OG flowers have an incredible full-on OG aroma with an undercurrent of red berries, black cherry, Hawaiian punch, and alpine strawberries. The flavour gives way to earthy notes and subtle hints of black cherry and licorice.

Pheno Hunting for Pacific OG

“When we got our licence we didn’t have plants and I wasn’t keen on getting genetics from another LP that might be low-quality,” says Donny. “We were starting fresh and wanted to do fun stuff, so we imported genetics in seed form and grew them out. Out of around 600 seeds, we kept just six plants  - that’s how picky we were in selecting plants that represented what the breeder was trying to show us. Genetics are super important and we want to find those exciting genetics that make a flower unique and special. Our main goal is to pay homage to the original breeder and find the phenotype that has the truest expression.”

When ‘pheno hunting’ we grow from seed, so often the plant cutting (clone) grows differently to the original. For this reason, we grow the plant at least three times to make sure it’s consistent every time. “Every time (Pacific OG) kept performing as a real true expression,” says Donny. “You get this incredible trichome production that gives you resin on the bud, sugar leaves, and even on the fan leaves. It also has an amazing terpene profile that gives an OG base in the background with an aromatic red berry strawberry flavour. So you get the earthy, gassy notes, mixed with the sour notes of berry coming out on top. This sativa expression maintains the indica characteristics that OG is famous for like the heavy effect and bud structure, but it’s also uplifting.”

Want to try Pacific OG yourself? Shop flower here, or check it out at cannabis retailers across Canada.

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