Tantalus Labs was founded to advance frontiers. On our team, we share a vision to build a brighter future for cannabis through #Sungrown technology. The recent completion of SunLab, a new generation of purpose-built cannabis greenhouse, was a milestone many called impossible.

We believed that if we shared our vision transparently and passionately, that we would be joined by other British Columbian greenhouse firms. We hoped to share in the opportunity of environmentally friendly, economical, and secure facilities in the nascent cannabis sector. To date, that belief has not borne out.

A strong foothold in the forthcoming legal cannabis industry is important to British Columbia’s economy. We have the greenhouse expertise, the climate, and the ambition to be a nexus for this nascent industry. Seventy five percent of British Columbians support cannabis legalization, a number higher than any other Province. BC is poised for leadership, yet Ontario’s licensed production infrastructure currently accounts for 90% of the legal cultivation footprint in our nation. The opportunity to participate in an unprecedented economic opportunity is sliding through British Columbia’s grasp.

Into the Light is a white paper by Tantalus Labs, in collaboration with Hanway Associates. It summarizes the opportunity at British Columbia's doorstep. The paper outlines the state of the market, greenhouse advantages, and guidance on policy.

In front of us lies a rare chance to push progressive social change with the ripple effect of substantial economic opportunity. Cannabis in British Columbia has had a tumultuous and storied history.

My team intends to honour that history.

Our home province has a right to leave our mark on this nation’s next great industry. At Tantalus Labs, we fight tooth and nail for that right. Do you?

Read the Tantalus Labs white paper, Into the Light