Adventure is all around us.

To actively seek inspiration beyond the routine of an urban environment is to take ownership of what we see and hear. Often, a change of scene, and a quieting of the white noise, is a step towards seeing the forest for the trees. Even a momentary reprieve from our perception of drudgery can breathe new life into a fresh perspective.

At Tantalus Labs we mandate new horizons. At least one long weekend of every quarter (on top of vacation time) must be spent away from the comfort and familiarity of our respective home environments. We obligate ourselves to get out of the office one day of every working week, and capitalize on our incredible vantage: nestled in the infinite possibilities of the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

This is not an option. If you want to work here, you have to seek adventure. Constantly testing comfort zones keeps us honest and inspired to come up with some consistently unorthodox (and occasionally functional) ideas. As we were testing theories around container design and construction in the corner of our Gastown office, we decided to get out and see some of what this beautiful province has to offer.

nestled in the infinite possibilities of the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.


The objective was to sail our IT Director, Guy Halford-Thompson’s, prized 27-foot Catalina sailboat from his former space in Squamish Harbour to his shiny new slip in Vancouver’s Burrard Civic Marina. Both Guy and our Creative Director, Alexander Close, are seasoned veterans of the BC coastline, from sailing and surfing to crabbing and kayaking.

We linked up bleary-eyed the next morning around 5:30am, and ripped up the unseasonably sunny curves of the Sea to Sky highway from Vancouver. Fuelled by burnt coffee and frothing stoke, we topped up the diesel, unpacked the sails, and stowed a seaworthy lunch; enjoying the cool morning from the base of the Chief. This looming granite giant marks the entrance to the Tantalus mountain range, the namesake of our dynamic venture.

We cut out into the spit of the Howe sound, a coastal fjord etched from paleoglaciation, snaking from Gibsons, past Bowen Island, into Squamish. Immediately we were greeted by swirling 20 knot winds, funnelled by the steep geography around Squamish harbour. Despite my silent fear that I was likely to get jostled by an errant boom into the briney deep, the boys kept our nimble vessel on an even keel.

It was the calm enjoyment of a new experience surrounded by inspiring company that had us peppering the comfortable silence with new ways we could share our experience of building this company with our growing tribe. The ideation of this very community, our Populace, was born on the choppy waters of English Bay. As we let out the iconic blue spinnaker and leaned towards our destination, our desire to celebrate our unique place in this incredible Province, and its history with Cannabis, materialized.


We want to use our Populace to explore the things that we believe at Tantalus Labs; validating your passion for adventure and offering a momentary reprieve from obligation.

The ideation of this very community, our Populace, was born on the choppy waters of English Bay.

In the spirit of BC Cannabis nerds we love to celebrate technicality, science, and detail. We take a lot of pride in expounding the nuances of our unprecedented take on Cannabis cultivation. The privilege to teach and learn from our community is a great inspiration for every contributor to this Populace. Some days though, when the desk is too much to bear and the stoke is running thin, you just have to break out into this breathtaking corner of the world and let adventures germinate inspiration.