Cannabis Conversations - How to Taste Your Cannabis - Cannatonic

From the world of wine to the world of Sungrown cannabis, we’re diving into the tasting notes of some of our favourites in the Tantalus Range. Cass Mosher sits down with our man Dan Sutton to discuss the odours and flavours of our sustainable, BC bud. As a sommelier for some of Toronto and Vancouver’s best restaurants Cass is more than well-versed in wine, but resides more in the neighbourhood of cannacurious (emphasis on the curious) which pairs well with the full-bodied depths that is Dan’s cannabis knowledge.

Explore the terpene profiles (read: flavour notes) of our Cannatonic to kick things off, then follow along as Cass gives us her professional opinion on our clean cultivars like Harlequin, Blue Dream, Serratus, and Skunk Haze. The subtleties and complexities of each strain are vast and span across scent – the initial most prominent as well as layered, underlying notes –, the bud structure and physical characteristics, and of course the science behind how the cannabinoid content can impact experience.

Let’s get into it.

Tantalus Labs

Tantalus Labs

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