Despite substantial communication efforts from leading activists, industry participants, and academics in the province of British Columbia, government inaction has put us in the weakest position of any province to capitalize on the substantial job creation, tax revenue, and economic spillover effects from the legalization of cannabis. Tantalus Labs and many others have been working in the media and in direct communications to offer guidance on the importance of effective policy through a diverse array of political channels.

This critical industry opportunity has been neglected for over three years, and it is time for British Columbians to speak out on the importance of a diverse, inclusive, and effectively regulated cannabis market.

The following policy guidance document was developed by Tantalus Labs and Hanway Associates, and shared with 19 BC Ministries and representatives on September 18th 2017. We publish it now so that the citizens of British Columbia can hold our elected officials to their obligation to foster this industry and its impactful cultural history in our homeland, without any excuse that they were not aware or were not informed.

BC deserves effective cannabis policy, and we deserve a government who will treat it with the respect given to our other major employment bases.

Full report available for download HERE.