Dear Ontario

British Columbia, known for our rugged coastlines, vast alpine mountain ranges, and of course, quality BC bud – almost as synonymous with the west coast as our rainy, temperate climate and outdoor lifestyle. And now we are proud to be bringing our very own Sungrown BC cannabis to Ontario. Bringing with it notes of pine, fresh earth, and skunkweed, along with heavy frostings of trichomes and high altitude potencies. Capturing the essence of the coast we call home and bringing it to the centre of our fine country.

Whether you’ve had a long term love affair with cannabis or are just testing the waters, there’s plenty to love about a west coast import. Our vibe is heavily influenced by the mountains surrounding us – the Tantalus Range are easily viewed from the "Sea to Sky Highway" that travels from Vancouver to Squamish and Whistler. Pulling inspiration for our strain names from some of the prominent peaks nearby, the cultivars often elicit a sense, visual, or flavour profile to match.

Our Serratus is known to have an ominous, brooding quality to the nose – not unlike the extreme elevation and domineering appearance of Serratus Mountain. High altitudes show up in this strain as high levels of THC, and the ultra frosted appearance and hints of pine come together for a strong west coast, alpine-inspired vibe.

Trichomes encase a Blue Dream cola at SunLab.

A classic cultivar across the board is Blue Dream, and our take on it comes to life as a sweet, high THC strain that was the first medicinal cultivar to come out of our SunLab¹ facility. In other notes, skunky scents are synonymous with certain strains, and our Skunk Haze features notes of cedarwood and pine needle and embodies the lushness of our boreal coastlines in both appearance and personality. The rich forest green colour of our Harlequin mimics the lush, BC landscape that it’s grown in. While the earthy cedar and fresh rains are embodied in our mellow sativa leaning Cannatonic.

While there’s a rich history behind the eminence of BC cannabis, there’s also plenty of innovation taking place out west. At Tantalus Labs, we were inspired to harness the abundant natural resources and created the world’s first cannabis-specific greenhouse facility in Canada’s cannabis heartland. Reducing our energy consumption by 90% means our clean cannabis is cultivated with less environmental impact than traditional production methods while also using only clean inputs. Captured and filtered rainwater, fresh BC air, and full-spectrum sunlight. Simple as that.

Tantalus Labs

Tantalus Labs

Tantalus Labs is leading Sungrown, BC cannabis. We created SunLab¹, a facility using natural inputs to grow elite cannabis products.