Our Backyard Matters

As Tantalus Labs grows as a company, it becomes increasingly important to define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our strategy. As new people with new skill sets join the team, they consciously and subconsciously look to others for guidance on the choices they make - choices which define the company. Values emphasised from founders and first employees will ripple outward, ultimately affecting the members we serve. To achieve the world-class product experience we envision, clear principles must be painstakingly established, reviewed, and polished.

Some of our core values are self-crafted to serve the members’ experience, while many emerge as a product of our surroundings. As BC patriots, we can’t help our environmental leanings. From Vancouver Island shorelines to the Monashee Mountains, we’ve spent years playing in the outdoor elements this great province has to offer. It is only natural for Tantalus Labs to value conservation, aspiring to leave a super-natural BC for future generations.

In developing our cultivation facility, Tantalus Labs shifts from talking about values to demonstrating them. Before construction began, 4 acres of our 16 acre property was protected as a conservation area. This zone will, in our tenure and forever more, retain 3 acres of cedar forest. On the other acre of conservation land, 2200 trees and shrubs - biodiverse and native to the region - have been planted to restore the area to its natural state. A fish-bearing stream runs through our property, and a development setback with filtration pools was implemented to leave it unaffected throughout construction and operation.

When our greenhouse enters operations, our agenda will minimize impact. A rainwater re-capture system has been designed to harness rainfall for irrigation within our tightly controlled system. Any additional water needed will be sourced through an on-site artesian aquifer. Not only does this eliminate any water requirements from municipal systems; it ensures our water contains no adulterants added to stabilize drinking water, such as Fluoride or Chlorine. Potable water containing Fluoride is fine for human consumption, but our plants prefer their water without it. As our system is strictly chemical pesticide free, any runoff from irrigation can return to the outside world with thoroughly minimized environmental risk.

Growing marijuana has traditionally been an energy-intensive activity, but it doesn’t have to be. The froth of the expanding marijuana marketplace has, for some, overshadowed the energy practices employed en route. ‘Get growing quick’ schemes are more common in both the US and Canada than building with a vision for a 10-year time horizon. An astronomical 3% of energy consumed in California is spent on indoor cannabis production, an unnecessary drain on the grid. When one considers the quality of the final product first, the trajectory of the industry, and associated environmental costs, cultivation with artificial light just doesn’t add up compared to Sungrown. It is our position that in 10 years, with the exception of test labs and niche local grows, artificially lit cannabis cultivation will be obsolete. A defining vision of Tantalus Labs is to accelerate this transition to naturally Sungrown cannabis. It is the cultivation method that minimizes environmental impact most effectively within the Federally legal cannabis framework in Canada, and one which we believe leads to superior plants.

We are asking you to prefer the companies who design their facilities around supreme nutritional input for the plant, and best stewardship of the planet. Using natural sunlight will positively affect both. British Columbia is dubbed the best place on Earth, and our geography elevates our decisions in everything we design. The values we cherish and the locale we inhabit drive this company mission, and we look forward to connecting with others who agree. The environment matters, and values matter.

Alexander Close

Alexander Close

Alex is a focused brand engineer and is the Creative Director at Tantalus Labs. He takes pride in delighting those whom are excited by detail.