Microdosing Cannabis Can Make Big Changes

When it comes to cannabis consumption, sometimes, less can be more. Whether you’re new to cannabis or planning on switching up your routine, microdosing is an excellent way to get some of the benefits without the psychoactive effects. If your cannabis experience aligns with chilling at the beach, a hike through the BC mountain ranges, or just a more

First Light: A Tantalus Labs Product Exhibition

On July 19th, Tantalus Labs held an event to exhibit the first 5 strains of our product line, dubbed the Tantalus Range. It marked an opportunity to celebrate with the community who have supported our mission of leading Sungrown, BC Cannabis.

We want to thank everyone who joined us and shout out the great work of every contributor to our

Common Ways to Consume Cannabis - Topical Treatments

Our final part of this three-part Populace series considers topical treatments. Cannabis oil as a topical treatment dates back to ancient eras in Ayurvedic Indian and traditional Chinese medicine. In Tibet, cannabis was an ingredient in remedies for itchy skin.

Recently topical treatments have become a new way to get the pain relieving benefits of CBD and THC without the

Common Ways to Consume Cannabis - Ingestion

Part two of this three-part Populace series considers ingesting cannabis. Cannabis has been consumed medically and recreationally for centuries, allowing people plenty of time to imagine unique ways to interact with the plant.

In ancient China, emperors drank cannabis tea; nomadic tribes in Morocco made hashish jam. More recently, in 1954 the modern interpretation of cannabis infusion started with a

Common Ways to Consume Cannabis - Inhalation

Cannabis has been consumed medically and recreationally for centuries, allowing people plenty of time to imagine unique ways to interact with the plant. This three-part Populace series considers the most widely accepted, and some of the more creative, methods to consume cannabis.

Whether you smoke, vape or ingest cannabis, all methods have one thing in common: they need an application

Growing Cannabis from Cuttings vs Seeds

With recreational legalization on the horizon in Canada, home cultivation will be allowed in most provinces. While no small undertaking, growing cannabis can be one of the most gratifying and educational hobbies for the passionate enthusiast. There are two main ways to start: growing from a cutting (aka clone) or growing from a seed.

Growing from seed involves sexual reproduction

What are Cannabinoids?


As with anything, and especially with cannabis, there is more than meets the eye. Relatively simple at first glance, the cannabis plant grows from seed, stretches through a vegetative phase, and begins to flower. Under the watch of an experienced grower, the flowers are harvested, dried, and cured, before becoming ready to consume. This process increases in complexity the deeper

Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant

Cannabis. Bud. Sensimillia. It goes by many names but what actually makes up a cannabis plant? While the distinctive fan leaves have become the iconic symbol of cannabis, it’s the female flower buds that are harvested for their cannabinoid-rich content. Here, we take a look at the anatomy of a cannabis plant beyond buds and leaves and explain why

Indica vs Sativa, Does it Matter?

How can you predict the quality and effect of a strain of cannabis? For a start, asking “indica or sativa?” is categorically the wrong question. In truth, these categories mean less and less in a market where virtually all strains have been hybridized for decades.

Medical marijuana users, and anyone who has stepped into a dispensary recently, might be familiar

What Are Terpenes?


Shakespeare was right when he wrote ‘That which we call a rose. By any other word would smell as sweet’... and it’s all thanks to terpenes. Terpenes are the basic chemical components of the fragrant oils that give plants, herbs, leaves and flowers their unique aromas. Their purpose is to repel or attract certain insects to help the plant

Introducing SunLab Nano


Canadian cannabis cultivation is making a quantum leap. Thousands of Canadians are legally registered to cultivate medical cannabis today, and tens of thousands more might receive that right upon adult use legalization. The perception around neighborhood pot plants is shifting from guard dogs to gardening, and stealth is giving way to pride.

The laws are not the only thing changing

Introducing Tantalus Labs Apparel


Tantalus Labs was founded to build a brighter future for cannabis by transitioning its cultivation out of the shadows and into specialized greenhouses, fueling plant growth with natural, full-spectrum sunlight.

It’s been exceptionally exciting to watch SunLab shift from a construction project to a cultivation facility, containing thriving plants ready to show the world how Sungrown cannabis can be

Tantalus Labs Obtains Cultivation Licence


Tantalus Labs Has Received A Licence to Cultivate Cannabis in Canada

We’re here. At last. It is the 45th awarded under the ACMPR (“Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations”) regulations, and the 10th in British Columbia.

We are beyond stoked, and judging by the reaction on Twitter, we have a few friends who are just as excited as

How Robots Run our Cannabis Company


A small army of robots work twenty-four hours a day at Tantalus Labs. They talk to each other, and to us. They have drastically shaped our enterprise.

It started from humble beginnings, to see if Slack, a digital team collaboration tool, could work with us. It did. But then we tested how far we could push Slack to work for

Top 9 Smokin’ Beautiful Spots of Vancouver

Vancouver is an incredibly beautiful city with a strong West Coast vibe.

While real estate prices may surge sky-high, the city is also full of parks and public places that won’t cost you a dime to visit. If you know the right spots, you can find your own free slice of paradise.

The mountain framed skyline attracts people from