What's in a Name?


If you were introduced to someone with the name of Sarah, or, say, Jessica, would it drastically affect your impression of her? If you discovered a company called Blue Ribbon Sports, rather than its current name, Nike, would it change your mind about their shoes? How about Cadabra, now known as Amazon?

A name starts as simply a name. Over

So You Want to Work in the Cannabis Industry?


The cannabis industry is poised for explosive growth. It is currently one of the fastest growing sectors in North America, and it’s thirsty for talented entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to help build the future.

Facing the choice to pursue a job in cannabis, a good place to start is to ask yourself the question, “Why do I want to work

Branding Will Carry Cannabis Out of the Black Market and Into the Light


The following article was originally published on Lift

If a prime directive of the Canadian government is to divert profits from the cannabis black market through legalization, then branding is the critical tool to persuade customers to buy legal cannabis.

Marketing and branding are about values. Companies with effective marketing define a unique lens through which the company views the

Greener Weed for a Greener City


Vancouver is pushing to become the world’s greenest city, and cannabis consumers have an integral role to help the city achieve its goal. Greenhouse grown cannabis is poised to make a significant impact on electricity demands, but the rate of greenhouse adoption will rely on the decisions of customers. The unspoken environmental impact of cannabis production will surprise you.

Love for The Juice Truck


With a history of gaming and film production, Vancouver can be called a creative city. Recently founded microbreweries and food trucks join video and social agencies showcasing a list of unique Vancouver creators that continues to lengthen. Tantalus Labs can’t help but find inspiration in watching these companies form around us, and one of our favourite local businesses is

Dangerous Ethanol Based Intoxicants Now Being Sold at Select Locations


How Alcohol Would Appear in the Press, if Devised Today

Vancouver, May 2015

Government announced a reform today to allow citizens to purchase and consume ethanol based liquids, so called “alcohol”. Alcohol (also known as “suds”, “hootch” or “booze”) has had its share of opponents over the years, and proves to be a contentious intoxicant. Opponents are citing the detrimental

Our Backyard Matters

As Tantalus Labs grows as a company, it becomes increasingly important to define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our strategy. As new people with new skill sets join the team, they consciously and subconsciously look to others for guidance on the choices they make - choices which define the company. Values emphasised from

Marijuana and Technology

Cannabis & Technology

Technology is beginning to affect every aspect of the cannabis marketplace, pushing it in unprecedented directions. As Tantalus Labs builds the first ground-up, legal, cannabis-tailored greenhouse in Canada, we can’t help notice others building ancillary services in the marketplace. As with most health innovation, the end result is a better patient experience. Some of these prospects are big bets

Lillooet Loop - Tracing Lines Through the Mountains

Roadside Swim

On every trip there is a singular moment where one finally feels like they’ve broken away from day-to-day life, and the trip has decisively started. It may be when you turn off your phone, or the action of the sails filling as the engine cuts. Or perhaps when thoughts of the future and past are replaced by an appreciation

RE: Repeal Prohibition, Again - by The New York Times

Repeal Prohibition, Again

One of the largest and most respected editorial outlets in America has looked at the facts, conducted an informed conversation, and concluded that Cannabis should be legalized at a national level in America. The New York Times has officially published their stance in support of ending prohibition.

Public opinion often languishes in perpetuity, remaining in fad longer than the facts

Why Cannabis, and why now? To Advance the Frontier.


Cannabis does not need a step forward, it needs a quantum leap. For the necessary monumental shift in mainstream Cannabis research to occur, there is one crucial piece of the puzzle that must exist first: a baseline of Quality Assured Cannabis in a reportable agricultural paradigm. Without consistent and standardized measures of quality, no quantified studies can be validated, and