Tantalus Labs is stoked to be cruising through construction of our unprecedented cannabis-tailored greenhouse. We are working to hone the details of our operations in the service of a bright future for British Columbian cannabis.

Our 24 foot ceilings allow unprecedented airflow to nurture tall, thriving plants.

Stainless steel structure enables a durable skeleton to stand for decades.

Bay by bay, we optimize workflow and plant movement to simplify a brighter future.

By hybridizing greenhouse tech with insulated steel paneling, we balance laboratory-level environmental control with the power of photosynthesis fuelled by sunlight.

Piece by piece, Tantalus Labs’ vision of our ideal cultivation environment is rising from the ground. With over 2 years in design, this infrastructure represents the cutting edge in agricultural technology - all in the service of a Sungrown future for the cannabis plant.