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Growing Marijuana is not simple. Growers are faced with managing a multitude of factors to ensure the growth of their crops into healthy mature plants, reflected by the final quality of the buds. This article is part of a series addressing some of the challenges growers face in cultivating high-quality Cannabis. In the concluding article of the series, we will address some of the solutions Tantalus Labs is implementing to ensure an environment supporting the plant’s ability to thrive in an ideal way.

Any accomplished agriculturalist knows the negative effects stress can have on plants. While managing the complexity of an indoor growing environment, shifts outside the desired atmosphere or rapid changes within accepted controls can lead to damaging results for a crop.

Stress damage could stem from a variety of factors, such as overly cool temperature or lack of water. The earliest days of seedling growth are the most critical. Later, as the plant matures, stress can be used strategically to ‘harden’ plants; making them more versatile and robust before harvest.

a grower has to manage all of the variables of mother nature, anticipating the needs of the plant at all times

When growing indoors, a grower has to manage all of the variables of mother nature, anticipating the needs of the plant at all times. Establishing a solid foundation for environmental controls such as temperature, humidity, and watering schedules comes in the early planning process.

Selecting robust strains and phenotypes affects the amount of stress the plants experience. Depending on the robustness of the genetics and the quality of the starting material, disease can either have extreme effects or none at all. Weak genetic stock opens the door to unhealthy plants and poor quality Cannabis, even when most of the conditions for growth are met.

Ultimately, the grower must possess the ability to ‘read’ the plants she is growing. It is crucial to know intuitively what exactly is causing your plants to suffer, and the potential avenues of remediation. Agile and reactive insight trumps even the most detailed plans.