Leading modern Greenhouses use similar technology to Tantalus Labs

Growing Cannabis is not simple. Growers are faced with managing a multitude of factors to ensure the growth of their crops into healthy mature plants, reflected by the final quality of the buds. This article is part of a series addressing some of the challenges growers face in cultivating high-quality Cannabis. In the concluding article of the series, we will address some of the solutions Tantalus Labs is implementing to ensure an environment supporting the plant’s ability to thrive in an ideal way.

One of the most overlooked (and least recognized) factors when designing a cultivation environment is air flow. Air circulation within the room is critical to avoiding issues of disease, pests, and mould. When there are areas of stagnate air in a grow room, the environment is ideal for molds and disease to take hold, particularly when large numbers of plants are involved. A well designed model of airflow within the grow room is imperative.

Air circulation within the room is critical to avoiding issues of disease, pests, and mould.

Within areas of poor airflow, whether it be the interior of bushy plants or plants that are spaced too closely, poor micro climates develop around the plant and leaf surface. Actively growing plants release water vapor through transpiration. Without constant air movement around the entire plant this water vapor cannot be moved away from the leaf surface to allow the plant’s natural exchange of gases to take place. This increases the humidity around areas of the plant.

When there is dense foliage or a dense canopy causing low light penetration, combined with increased humidity, the risk of powdery mildew or botrytis in the later stages of growth rises. Cutting corners with the incentive of increased potential productivity detracts from a grower’s ability to balance plant needs and reduce the risk of a harvest unadulterated by mould. A specialized understanding of how air movement affects the overall health and quality of the harvested plant material is critical to producing top quality Cannabis.