33 Acres of Brand Perfection

I love 33 Acres Brewing Co.

I am evangelical about them. When people ask me where in Vancouver to grab a good beer or meet for a first date, 33 Acres always tops my list. Sometimes I proffer this advice unsolicited. Aside from the revenue associated with more than a few growlers and meals, I have never contributed in any way to 33 Acres’ consistently brilliant execution.

It doesn't stop me taking pride in their existence.

I am proud that a brand thrives in my hometown that so excellently represents the harmony of collaboration, design, and technicality. They don’t settle, they delight in the details, and they do it all with the knowing smile of achieving greatness in something they care passionately about. For me their magic is woven of three essential components: product, experience, and collaboration.

The 33 Acres brand is anchored in a product-first mentality. Meticulous operational standards and an obsession with detail enable offerings that are simply excellent. Through a tight selection of 4-5 beers that shift with seasonality, each brew caters delicately to the changing mood of the patron. The brewers keep their range tight, and each product stands alone as exceptional. They categorically serve great beer.

33 Acres Bottles

This product orientation is presented in a brand experience that is minimal, elegant, and disciplined. Their tasting room (as well as their brewing system) is clean and simple; bright and beautiful. From the sweatshirts on the clothing rack to the cement-top long table, the atmosphere is a calming and simple canvas that augments the tasting experience. 33 Acres would be right at home as a trendy hotspot in New York, Barcelona, or Berlin. Their social media community always goes the extra mile to portray this atmosphere with a commitment to style, opting for SLR shots and simple details instead of cheesy filters and wringing their hands.

My favourite thing about 33 Acres is their celebration of community. From launch they have showcased surfboard shapers, bread makers, cheese plates, and food trucks by makers who propel our burgeoning Vancouver ecosystem. Essentially, they are friends with all the cool kids. From the crusty loaves of Nelson the Seagull to the plump brats of Bestie Wurst, 33 Acres takes pride in forging relationships with teams who share their passion for detail. By bringing others into the spotlight they remind me that we are all in this together, and that the rising tide lifts all boats.

My favourite thing about 33 Acres is their celebration of community.

This motivates me further to spread their story, as they are a touch point for so many great Vancouver artisans. Perhaps after a delicious charcuterie plate hosted by Meat and Bread at the brewery, a foodie might be inspired to grab a sandwich at the flagship sandwich purveyor upon their next trip to Gastown. This commitment to collaboration is infectious; it has me falling in love with my city all over again.

On our team at Tantalus Labs we are always looking for opportunities to collaborate. There is a growing culture of brilliance all around us, and the contribution of our wider community in these early days of our story is humbling and inspiring. Brands like 33 Acres fuel that stoke, whether it be by their commitment to excellence or their wicked belgian waffles. Keep doing what you do.

Dan Sutton

Dan Sutton

Dan is the Founder of Tantalus Labs. He was named to Marijuana Venture's Top 40 Under 40 and delivered a presentation on the environmental cost of indoor cannabis at TEDx Vancouver in 2015.